Media Planning


What is Media Planning?

Media planning; it is the job of determining what, when, where, how, and how often the message, which will reach the right target, is conveyed to the right target mass while announcing any product, purpose, service, art.

What should be the message?

The first step in media planning is to give the right message to be announced. The obvious feature of the right message is that it is a clear and understandable message that even foolish people can understand. The most well-known feature of cleverly given messages is, in fact, the most obvious.

How clear is the clear message?

In order for a message to be understandable by the target audience, it is technically necessary to apply the full message rule in communication.

What is the Full Message in Media Planning?

The complete message is the type of message that contains the elements of perception, emotion, and desire, and the lack of one of these elements will cause the message not to be understood. When the message is not understood, the communication problem between the brand and the target group will occur.

Target Audience Analysis and Importance

The media plan is to define the main target audience and to establish a good communication network. A good communication is made possible by analyzing the target group. Analyzes reveal and understand that the target wants to hear the reactions, cultures, phenomena, delicacy / priorities and sensitivities, needs, agenda, trends, trends, orientations, anticipations of the target. All communication actions, or advertising campaigns, etc., if there is no target audience analysis. risky and the domain will be narrow. The greatest risk here is not knowing the trends and trends of the needs of the target population. Especially, the agenda and needs of the rapidly changing and developing modern world are changing rapidly. Markets that want to communicate well because they identify the agenda and needs trends should make these analyzes a correct and professional one. That is why every sentence and behavior intended for the target mass will cause misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the brand in the institution if correct analysis is not done. This will cause the brand image, which is the biggest risk for brands, to be damaged. Marks that are misunderstood or not understood mean they can not give the right message. The reaction of the target kit is based on whether the correct message is given or not.

When ?

One of the important elements in media planning is the seasonality of the given message. That is, the message is given at the right time. Messages that are not delivered at the right time will not have the exact expected effect on the target audience. Especially in target audience analysis, some seasons show themselves in parallel with the trend. This emphasizes the importance of using time well. Sometimes it is necessary to use a good time and a guerrilla temporal position in response to sudden events and situations. Sometimes a set of brand product advertising campaigns can be done on an annual basis. This is based on the trend of the general tendency according to the needs of the target group.

Where ?

The most important key factor in planning the right media is to find out where the given message is, in which circles it should be given. Of course, in this audience analysis it is also possible to know where the target kit is advertising. These analyzes clearly demonstrate where the advertisements are consumed since they identify the general trends and trends of the target group. And according to these analyzes, the councils are determined.

How ?
How media planning is done is related to the talent and knowledge of the creative team. In addition to the ad campaigns and advertising strategy to be determined as a result of the target audience analysis, other important supporting elements will be created.

Effect factor and importance in media planning

The media planning to be done must be fed by an effective event organization. Emotional activities cause the target to move from action to action and action. This allows the target brand to communicate well and accurately. Otherwise, ignoring the emotional tendencies of the target group in motion is to ignore an important communication argument.

Dr. Ayhan ÖZEL - Media Planning Director

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